Build A Positive Work Climate

Build A Positive Work Climate

Lighten Up & Grow Professionally



Learn How to Balance Life, Work & Play

Up Your Attitude

Your positive attitude is the smartest thing you wear. Learn how to say “Yes” to life in spite of everything. Eliminate gossip and negative criticism. Make life and work more exciting and fun. Discover and cultivate upbeat attitudes and work habits that focus on the positive side of life. With positive humor and outrageous silly hats you will discover the positive and negative work habits that make or break the bottom line. While having great fun your attitude will be elevated and you will become more positive with each other and customers.

Creative Team Building

Become a highly skilled totally committed team. Learn six ways to build total team unity and achieve high-level performance. Practical ideas and exhilarating team-building exercises that eliminate boredom and maximize human potential will be demonstrated. The six C’s include: Commitment, Communication, Courtesy, Compliments, Cheer Leading and Celebration.

Six Ways to Empower People

Strengthen your ability to perform at your best. Learn six key factors that help people change, grow, and move in a positive direction. The key points include:

  1. Four Kinds of Risks
  2. A Sense of Belonging
  3. Establishing your Uniqueness
  4. Productivity, Accomplishment & Achievement
  5. Choice Making Skills
  6. Models & Mentors

Your sense of identity and self-worth will be elevated as you learn new ideas, skills and tools for personal and professional development.

C’Mon, Let’s Celebrate!

Everyone needs to take time to lighten up and have some fun. While laughing, dancing, playing and having fun you will recognize, compliment and validate everyone. A workforce that plays together, stays together. Celebration builds community, gets rid of stress, and brings out the best in everyone. You have worked hard, and now it’s time to party and celebrate a job well done.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Positive laughter and humor breaks up routine, causes a shift in perspective, and brings new energy to life and work. Good humor helps us laugh, learn, lighten up and get rid of work related stress. Become laughter independent. Discover ten new ways to lighten up and balance life, work, and play. Feeling good, being happy and enjoying life all impact the bottom line. You will leave this unforgettable learning experience with new skills, new enthusiasm, and a whole new lease on life.