Four Topics for Head Start Staff

Up Your Attitude – Change Your Attitude/Change Your Outcome: Strengthen and clarify your Head Start mission. Develop upbeat attitudes and work habits that accentuate the positive and eliminate gossip, workplace drama, and negative criticism. End up with a mind-set and skill-set that boost the morale and productivity of Head Start.

Creative Team Building: Team spirit is everything. Become an enthusiastic, high-powered, totally dedicated team. Practical ideas and exhilarating team-building exercises will be used to eliminate boredom and maximize human potential. Learn six essential building blocks that promote teamwork: Commitment, Courtesy, Communication, Compliments, Cheer-Leading and Celebration.

Six Ways to Empower People: Become your own Unique Self. Discover what keeps individuals stuck and prevents them from being their best. Explore the six essential factors that promote self-esteem: 1. Risk-Taking 2. A Sense of Belonging 3. Establishing your own Uniqueness 4. Making Choices 5. Productivity & Achievement, and 6. Models & Mentors.

Laughter is the Best Medicine: Become a liberated laughter. Discover your humor profile. Learn how to be laughter independent. Find out how to use Laughter, Humor and Play to promote creativity and learning. Experience how having fun helps us eliminate boredom and gets rid of stress. Learn specific skills and tools to invite more fun and laughter into your personal and professional life.


Three Topics for Head Start Parents

The Awesome Power of the Engaged Parent: How engaged are you as a parent? You can be strong in your power or weak in your power. The key to family success is leadership. The engaged parent must lead the family in four ways: 1. The Power of a Positive Attitude 2. The Value of Kindness 3. The Importance of Education 4. The Significance of Good Clean Fun.

The Successful Parent-Connecting ALL the Head Start Dots: Learn five key factors to help parents connect the dots and succeed at Head Start. Strong, healthy, positive, educated families are key to our nation’s success. Participants will learn how to identify and take advantage of the full range of Head Start resources and thereby maximize their power to ensure family health, happiness and success.

Fun in the Fun Family-A Family that Plays Together Stays Together: Experience the wonder of Laughter, Humor & Play. Discover the health benefits of Fun and learn how laughing and playing together promotes learning, meaning and love of family. Learn five playful practical ways to lighten up and promote family unity.


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